Birthday and other stuff

A few days ago it’s happened to be my birthday. It’s been very quiet this year, I don’t really felt it coming and I’m starting to forget how old I am. I have always to think twice before answering. So maybe it’s better to forget.

The first 6 month of this 2016 have not been very soft on my life entourage, someone says that the leap year does not bring any good news, and I can say so, but I also heard about good news, so probably the real meaning of what you see and what you feel depends by the angle you are looking at.

Among my acquaintances, this year, I had 9 or maybe more pregnant chicks and 7 of them have already delivered, 4 boys, 3 girls, and other two are on their way. This is a great angle to see this leap year, isnt’it?

I want for sure to expand my family a little more, and I hope to be able to do so as soon as it comes, and I think that what is happening around me it’s just a little kick from my faith to make me move on and stop just thinking about.

Yesterday evening happened something strange. My son was watching a movie while I was cooking dinner and in this movie there is a song that I already knew, because he has already seen the movie many other times and we went to see it at the teather.
This is the movie

And this is the song


Well, I secretly started crying while I was listening this song because it brought to my mind Mela and all the memories I have of her. I thought about the first moments with her, the cuddles and the naps we took on the sofa while I was living alone, then all the moments when we moved in with D, when Leo arrived at home, when they started playing together. I feel that a part of our family is broken, I miss her too much.

Later I decided to tell my husband, and he told me he felt the same thing, at the same moment, with that song.

So I looked for the lyrics and I felt like it was a message for us, from her. And I hope she’s happy now.

“I’m better now, feel better now.”

Little patio ideas

This is not the season to keep the windows open here in Florida, I can assure you, and it will not be until next September, but sometimes I crave to stay outside a little, just to drink a tea or an italian aperitivo which consist in a drink and some chips, olives and ‘nuts (peanuts, pistachios, chestnuts, walnuts…) right before dinner.
I will talk about the aperitivo in another post, because there is a lot to say.

Anyway, I decided to pimp our patio also because lately it becomes like a deposit for unwanted stuff (like the old aquarium that my husband has to clean up from last October) and I don’t like to have a “shame zone” in my home.
First of all I searched online to have some ideas and mix it up with my taste (and my wallet) and then I planned the things to do. Here some images of the style I’d like to have as a result.

I had to clean everything up. I moved the aquarium inside (oh, my back!), so my husband has it now under his sight EVERY DAY, to remind he has something to do besides his work. then I put two old rusted chairs on the driveway (taken by someone after 5 minutes!) and washed everything: the french door, the floor, the lanai.
Then I ordered the tiles. I had to look into tiles that can sustain the crazy temperatures we have in Florida and after a search I have found these beauties on Amazon.

There is something similar also at Ikea, but I don’t know if the plastic underneath can stand the Orlando weather. I asked for this particular on Amazon and another customer from Texas assured me that this plastic does not crack with high temperatures, as other brands do.

Then I drove around some shops to find a nice wooden bistro set, some plants because I need a lemon tree, succulents, flower pots, soil, and most important: the curtains.

I need very long curtains, because they has to be more than 105 inch and easily washable… well, I found those and I fell in love. Yep, just a little pricy, but, hell! It’s my birthday soon!

I still don’t know if I need the bistro set or  just two nice and comfy chairs… the only thing I know for sure is the lemon tree and the succulent garden.

I know It’s been told that I’m not so into gardening but thanks to my son I start thinking everything is possible! Why don’t give it a try?

I am taking pictures of the before/after so you can see the difference, it’s an easy work, and it gives satisfactions. Look! It becomes another place, and there is just the floor!